The Day Uniqueworks Met The PM

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Jake Humphries & Stephanie Smith of Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture Meet David Cameron.NATO Summit Wales 2014.Arron Hoare

On the day before the NATO Summit Wales 2014, we had the call, late morning. Would you like to meet the Prime Minister? This afternoon. David Cameron is hosting a reception for the suppliers responsible for making the Nato Wales Summit happen. About 50 have been selected to attend.

Yes please. It’s a drop everything moment and totally out of the blue. Rapid change, a fast two hour drive up the M4, an airport-style security check, a coach taxi up to the Celtic Manor and we’re into the inner sanctum of the NATO Summit.

The Summit Conference Room is awesome, literally. A massive space dominated by the astonishing summit table, a hollow oval, half the size of an Olympic swimming pool, and by the breathtaking floor-to-ceiling panoramic photo-images of the Brecon Beacons all around the walls. A light display the size of a small spaceship hovered under the ceiling, bathing everyone in blue light.

A suitable stage for world leaders to meet. And then there was us! And David! He shook our hands warmly – we were the first in the line and all eyes were upon us. And what did we talk about? Yes, would you believe, furniture! Our Welsh wood furniture, to be precise.
He thanked us for contributing to the Summit and said he would look out for it in the Leaders Lounge.

Afterwards, it all felt a little surreal and we definitely had a ‘did that just happen?’ feeling. But here is photographic evidence and it’s definitely one for the scrapbook.

Here’s an article about the event.:

Photo: The Prime Minister Thanks Suppliers Involved in the Summit.
Crown Copyright, Arron Hoare.
Table Makers – Rathkeys of LLandow
Beacons Photographer – Nigel Forster, Creative Photography Wales