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Welsh Oak Dresser Montage by Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture Ash Wood Dressing Table, with Garden Cornflowers. Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture Cropped Sunlit Spalted Alder Coffee Table by Uniqueworks British Handmade Furniture Holly & Walnut Chest by Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture Natural Chunky Food Chopping Boards by Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture


Uniqueworks are artisan furniture-makers making modern British classic pieces. We work from our workshops and showroom in Pembrokeshire on the western sea-edge of Wales. 

As our name suggests, and in a world of mass-production, we make one-off handmade pieces of furniture, full of the character of the wood. We use Welsh & British hardwoods and are passionate about using not only oak, but all the amazing array of native trees such as sycamore, beech, holly or cherry. Most furniture-makers look for uniformity and regularity in their timber. We’ve purposefully sought out woodsmen and old-fashioned sawmills where we can find small batches of the unusual and the most interesting wood. We prize the knots, the burrs, the graininess, the spalting and the wavy edges. What might be seen as imperfections becomes a thing of beauty and worth.

Each of our pieces is therefore unique, exclusive and as individual as the tree from which it came. Our favourite yew and elm are special and hard to find; yew because the grand old trees in churchyards and estates never die(!), reach hundreds of years old and are rarely cut; elm because the Dutch Elm Disease of the 1970s decimated the population.

Regularly, people come to us and say they have an old felled tree in their barn, would we be interested? Usually yes! A prime example of this would be the National Botanic Garden of Wales where a fallen oak, stored without purpose for years, has been transformed by us into the massive and solid ‘Grand Throne’, now part of the Garden’s heritage and on permanent display. The Garden has asked us to make the furniture for their show garden at this year’s 100th Anniversary Chelsea Flower Show.

 Uniqueworks furniture combines an Arts & Crafts sensibility of craftsmanship and classic form, together with a sensitivity to the character of the wood and the essence of the land from which it came. It is understated, a little quirky and very British.

Our enviro-credentials are admirable, with sustainability, low carbon footprint and use of natural materials. And our furniture is made to last a lifetime—or several.

The natural variety of the wood itself suits our passion for constant innovation and keeps our product fresh. Our love for the wood and for the finished furniture shines through.

Uniqueworks furniture is a high quality and classic product. Blending beauty with functionality, our furniture has not only visual appeal but is highly tactile, inspiring you to run your hand over the surfaces, feeling the knots and smelling the polish. The attractiveness of each piece only grows with age as it gathers the little knocks of life and becomes a treasured part of the home.