Welcome to Uniqueworks

We are a creative British company with a passion and expertise for making classic, high quality and bespoke furniture.


In a world of mass-production, we make unique, one-off pieces that are as individual as the trees from which they came. We love the beauty, character and feel of natural wood and our customers do too. Craftsmanship, good design and the use of the finest local UK hardwoods such as oak, beech and yew ensures that our furniture is made to last a lifetime – or two. We believe our furniture will become future heirlooms. 

Everyone needs furniture, but a handmade piece of  furniture is special – exclusive and individual to you, it tells the world that you care. Your dining table is the hub of your home and there is nothing like sitting around it – enjoying good food, good conversation and sharing life with your friends and loved ones…

We hope you love our designs and look forward to hearing from you.