Oak Burr & Resin Furniture – A Contemporary Twist

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Adding Bright Colour & Lighting to our Handmade Wooden Furniture!

Blue Resin Knot in Oak Table. Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture

We have recently been experimenting with a new direction for some of our furniture.  Whilst we’ve always embraced the quirkiest, knottiest and gnarliest pieces of timber for making our one-off designs, we usually let nature at its beautiful best, speak for itself.

Preparing The Knot Holed Table Top Before Filling With Resin. Uniqueworks Furniture. IMG_0310

 Lately we have introduced a note of pure contrasting colour to our work, by melting acrylic & metallic resins into the natural knot holes and grain. The effect is sheer magic.

Knot Hole With Red Resin. Uniqueworks Furniture. 20190520_200122Filling the Knot Holes With Red Resin. Uniqueworks Furniture. IMG_0319

















Remotely controlled hidden lighting can be installed underneath the surface, shining through the resins to create a beautlfully luminous night-time glow.

Blue Resin Knots Lighted in Oak Table. Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture. 20191125_165025

If you would like to see our new resin furniture and all work currently available for sale, visit us at our Uniqueworks workshop in Pembrokeshire.

Welsh Oak & Turquoise Metallic Resin & LED Coffee Table by Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture. IMG_0444

Contact us for more details    info@uniqueworks.co.uk

07967 737689

New Uniqueworks Online Shop coming soon.

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  1. Hello Jillian, thank you so much for your comment and call – lovely to hear from you again! We will be emailing you directly with more information about your stool. Best wishes, Uniqueworks