What We Made With Our Oak Burr Wood

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What would you make with a pile of old wood?

Welsh Borders Burr Oak at Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture. IMG_0539.                  Jake Humphries at Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture Workshop. IMG_0306

Seeing the potential of what particular pieces of timber can become, is half the skill of our cabinet-maker, Jake Humphries. The most ordinary-looking planks can be utterly transformed in our workshop, into beautiful cabinets, tables or chests.  

Oak Burr Natural Edge Chest by Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture. 20190819_153436Oak Burr Panelled Chest.

Take a look at what we’ve just done with this batch of truly gorgeous, grainy oak burr wood from the Welsh Borders.

The Butterfly Table. Burr Oak Grain. Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture. 20190919_151251 The Butterfly Tree Coffee Table.

Oak Burr & Elm Console Table by Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture. IMG_0555Oak Burr & Elm Console Table.

Oak Burr Demilune Table by Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture. 20190909_160358 Oak Burr Demilune Table.

Live Edge Burr Oak & Ashwood Coffee Table. Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture. 20190916_145219.Live Edge Burr Oak & Ashwood Coffee Table.


All of these items are new, one-off, original pieces, created at our Uniqueworks workshop in Pembrokeshire.  They are all now available for sale – contact us for more details.


New Uniqueworks Online Shop coming soon.


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